How do I close my account/delete my site?

Please be aware, closing your account and deleting your site are not the same thing. Deleting your website will not completely delete your IntechniPress account. It will, however, stop any further charges related to the site that has been deleted.

**You will be able to create a new site after deleting your current site. You will NOT, however, be able to use the same subdomain. You will not be able to recover the deleted site.

To delete your site

To delete your site you must access the “Tools” menu within your account admin section. Under the “Tools” menu, select the “Delete Site” sub-menu link.


On the “Delete Site” page you will select the radio button – “I’m sure I want to permanently delete my site, and I am aware I can never get it back or use [your-domain-name-here] again.” Then click the “Delete My Site Permanently” button.

After requesting to delete your site, you’ll receive an email to confirm your request. Your site will not be deleted until you click the link sent in the confirmation email.

**We will soon be adding the functionality to allow multiple websites to be managed by a single account. At this time, each account is allowed only a single site.

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