How do I optimize my photos?

What is image optimization?

Image optimization can mean multiple things. It can mean to crop, add a filter, resize, or to compress the size of a given photo. Optimizing your photos is a very important aspect of creating a high-speed, quality website. Not to mention, depending upon which IntechniPress plan you’re currently subscribed to, the amount of storage space you have available will vary.

In an effort to help you ensure the photos on your site are well-optimized, we have implemented a high-quality image compression system for all of our users. To access it, find the “Media” menu option (see screenshot below). Then click on the “Optimizer” sub-menu.

Review Optimization Options

Be sure to carefully review the available options to determine which options best suit your needs, before you begin to compress your images.

Update Settings

Once you’ve selected the best options for you, save your choices by clicking the “Save Changes” button. Then after the changes are committed, simply choose the option to Optimize all pictures.


That’s it! You’re done. Make sure the option to automatically compress your images on upload is selected, and your remaining images will be optimized in real-time.

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