Why are my Newsletter Emails not sending?

There can be multiple reasons why your Newsletter emails aren’t sending. These are the top 3 reasons you may encounter.

1. You haven’t properly set up SMTP in your Newsletter system.

To properly activate SMTP for your Newsletter system, you must access the “settings” menu. This menu can be accessed in two ways.

1. via the “E-Mail Marketing” sub-menu.

2. via the “settings” sub-menu – E-Mail


Once you’ve accessed the E-Mail Newsletter settings menu, click on the “Delivery” menu.


Then scroll to the “Delivery Method” section and switch to the SMTP tab.


2. You need to activate a real CRON to ensure delivery of your emails.

Once you’re in your E-Mail Newsletter settings choose the menu option for “CRON


Make sure you select the radio button for “Use a real cron to send newsletters”. This will reveal the cron settings including your alternative cron URL.

As IntechniPress is a managed service, you will not have direct access to the server to create a server-level cron. You can, however, use an external service to access this cron URL on a consistent schedule. We recommend using (not an affiliate link). This service is currently free of charge, and can run up to 60 times per hour. We suggest setting it to an interval no shorter than 5 mins.

**Make sure you save changes once you’ve selected to use the real cron.

3. If you’re using a real CRON and have activated WP Rocket.

You may run the risk of your alternative cron URL being cached by WP Rocket. This will block your cron from working more than once during your cache lifespan (this is set to 10 hours by default, you have the option to shorten or extend this timeframe). The reason this will block your cron is that the URL won’t be actually visited after the first visit, subsequent visits will be the version stored in cache. This is not the preferred behavior.

To exclude your alternative cron URL from being cached, first – copy the URL. Then access WP Rocket by either clicking on the “WP Rocket” toolbar menu option:


or by accessing the “settings” menu option, and choosing the sub-menu option for “WP Rocket“.


Once you’ve accessed the WP Rocket dashboard, then choose the menu option for “ADVANCED RULES“. Under the section “Never Cache URL(s)” simply paste the alternative cron URL in the displayed box and save changes. Then be sure to clear the current cache (all cached files).

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