How to add a custom domain.

Access the admin section of your website [xyz-ips snippet=”user-site-link”] (to access your account section directly – [xyz-ips snippet=”account-link”]).

Once you’re there click the toolbar link – “Account” and enter your custom domain in the Custom Domain Box. Then click the “Set Custom Domain” button. Use the following format – (without http://, https://, or the “www”).

To ensure that your custom domain is setup appropriately, you should make sure there are two records created with your domain registrar.

Record #1 – Create a CNAME record pointed at


Create an A record pointed at the IntechniPress public IP address –

Record #2 – Create a CNAME for the WWW subdomain pointed at your primary custom domain.


The above example is based on Amazon’s AWS Route 53 DNS management system. Please be aware that using the “@” symbol may not be necessary depending on your registrar (if it is not necessary, simply leave the field blank).

Also, you should set your TTL (Time-to-Live) to 60 seconds to limit propagation time. We suggest this, just in case you make a mistake as this will allow you to correct your mistake sooner.

**You should have only a CNAME or only an A-record pointing to your primary domain (the non-WWW version), not both. These records are treated as equivalent.

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